Abstract Submission


In case that you need your abstract to be accepted before making the payment of the registration, follow the steps below:
1) Complete the registration until the end of the process.
2) Select the option to pay by wire transfer.
3) Without making the payment, you will receive an email with your username, password and ID number to enter the registration area and the abstract submission.
4) The moment your abstract is accepted, an email with the information will arrive to your mailbox.
5) Once you receive this email, access your registration area and make the payment, either by wire transfer or by credit card.
6) If you make the payment by wire transfer you must send a receipt of your payment to inscripciones@ercisacongresos.com
7) If you need another type of documentation to prove that your abstract has been accepted, you should request it at inscripciones@ercisacongresos.com
8) If finally your abstract is not accepted, you will be able to cancel your registration without administration handling costs.