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Monday, September 3, 2018

Morning Sessions:

8:00-9:45 Registration
Main Hall  
9:45-10:30 Opening Ceremony
Mitxelena Auditorium  
  With the presence of institutions endorsing the conference:

Prof. Amaia Esquisabel Alegría
Director of Research of the Basque Government

Prof. José Luis Martín González

Vice Rector for Research of the University of the Basque Country

Prof. Fernando Plazaola Muguruza
Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of the Basque Country

Prof. Jens-Uwe Grabow
Institut für Physikalische Chemie und Elektrochemie
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität (LUH)

Prof. Alberto Lesarri
Department of Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
Faculty of Sciences University of Valladolid (UVa)

Prof. Emilio J. Cocinero

Department of Physical Chemistry
Faculty of Science and Technology - University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) and Biofisika Institute (CSIC-UPV / EHU)
10:30-11:10 Coffee Break
Main Hall Sponsors Stands will be placed at Main Hall
   Plenary Session
  Chair: Stepan Urban, University of Chemistry & Technology Prague
11:10-11:55 Plenary Lecture 1
Mitxelena Auditorium PT1. Collision-induced spectra of N2 and O2
Ad Van Der Avoird, Radboud University
11:55-12:40 Plenary Lecture 2
Mitxelena Auditorium PT2. Spectroscopy of molecular radicals in Helium droplets
Gary E. Douberly, University of Georgia
13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
  Iberdola tower (black tickets) or Deusto Library (white tickets)


Afternoon Sessions:

  Oral Sessions 1
14:30-15:50 Oral Session A1: Oral Session B1: Oral Session C1:
  Mitxelena Auditorium Baroja Auditorium Oteiza Auditorium
  Chair: Vadym Ilyushyn, Institute of Radio Astronomy of NASU Chair: Sonia Melandri, University of Bologna Chair: Michel Mons, CEA Saclay
14:30-14:50 A1.1. Microwave study of internal rotation in para Tolualdehyde: local versus global symmetry at the methyl-rotor site as an indicator of information transfer across the benzene ring B1.1. Structures and dynamics of acrolein-(H2O)n clusters revealed by MW spectroscopy and ab initio calculation C1.1. Fast scanning IR-spectrometer to measure transient molecules in a pulsed supersonic jet
Jon Hougen, NIST Weixing Li, University of Bologna Daniel Witsch, University of Kassel
14:50-15:10 A1.2. Effective rotational hamiltonian for two-rotor systems with symmetric and asymmetric internal rotors (like Ethanol) applied to Ethylphosphine, CH3CH2PH2 B1.2. Discovering the conformations of formamide complexes and formamide-water clusters by microwave spectroscopy C1.2. Wide bandwidth mid-IR spectroscopy with comb-referenced EC-QCL: application to the ν1 fundamental band of 14N216O
Peter Groner, University of Missouri - Kansas City Susana Blanco, Universidad de Valladolid Bidoor Alsaif, Kingabdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST).
15:10-15:30 A1.3. Proton in a double-well potential: Acetylacetone and its derivatives by microwave spectroscopy B1.3. Does the structure of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon impact the aggregation of water on its surface? fluorene vs acenaphthene C1.3. Endless frequency-swept comb-calibrated spectrometer
Luca Evangelisti, University of Bologna Amanda Steber, The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging Thomas Puppe, TOPTICA Photonics AG
15:30-15:50 A1.4. Sensing the molecular structures of alkyl methyl ketones by internal rotation in the microwave spectrum B1.4. Characterization of microsolvated 15C5 crown ether from broadband rotational spectroscopy C1.4. Broadband complex gas spectroscopy with sub-kHz level resolution comb spectrometer
Maike Andresen, IPC RWTH Aachen University Juan Carlos López, Universidad de Valladolid Grzegorz Kowzan, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
  Oral Session 2
16:00-18:00 Oral Session A2: Oral  Session B2: Oral Session C2:
  Mitxelena Auditorium Baroja Auditorium Oteiza Auditorium
  Chair:  Isabelle Kleiner, LISA / CNRS Chair: Wen-Bih Tzeng, Academia Sinica Chair: Donald McNaughton, Monash University
16:00-16:20 A2.1. Empirical potential energy surface and bending angle probability densities for the electronic ground state of HCO+ B2.1. FTMW spectroscopy of sulfur bearing free radicals, HCSC and CH3SS C2.1. The water vapor absorption continuum  in the atmospheric windows at 4.0, 2.1, 1.6 and 1.25 µm
Per Jensen, University of Wuppertal Yasuki Endo, National Chiao Tung University Alain Campargue, CNRS/Université de Grenoble
16:20-16:40 A2.2. Torsion  rotation program for nitromethane CH3NO2 B2.2. Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of the HDCCH radical C2.2. Sub-MHz deuterium spectroscopy and comparison with ab initio calculations of the line-shape effects
Marek Kręglewski, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań Keiichi Tanaka, Kyushu University Mikolaj Zaborowski, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
16:40-17:00 A2.3. Weak intramolecular interaction effects on the structure and torsional spectra of ethylene glycol isotopologues, an astrophysical species B2.3. Accurate rotational fingerprints of radioactive radicals by mass-independent studies on AlO, TiO, and FeO C2.3. The high-resolution spectrum of DC3N recorded in the infrared and millimeter-wave regions: a global analysis
María Luisa Senent, CSIC Alexander Breier, Universität Kassel Filippo Tamassia, University of Bologna
17:00-17:20 A2.4. Modelling temperature dependent anharmonic spectra of pyrene (C 16 H 10 ): comparison of computational approaches B2.4. Accurate sub-millimeter rest-frequencies for HCCO and DCCO radicals C2.4. Sub-doppler metrology of HD
Shubhadip Chakraborty, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie Johanna Chantzos, Max Planck Institut for extraterrestrial Physics Patrick Dupré, Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie de l'Atmosphère
17:20-17:40 A2.5. Non-adiabatic coupling in the ozone molecule B2.5. Terahertz spectroscopy of isotopologues of amidogen radical C2.5. IR laser spectroscopy of the deuterated isotopologues of ammonia
Alexander Alijah, University of Reims Mattia Melosso, Università di Bologna Patrice Cacciani, Université Lille /CNRS
17:40-18:00 A2.6. The long-range behavior of ab initio transition dipole moments and spin-orbit coupling matrix elements between the low-lying electronic states of alkali heterodimers B2.6. Accurate rotational frequencies of deuterated Ammonium ions (d1-d3) measured in a cryogenic ion trap. C2.6. Photoacoustic spectroscopy of the oxygen a-band in support of OCO-2
Ekaterina Bormotova, Moscow State University José Luis Doménech, Instituto de Estructura de la Materia CSIC Elizabeth Lunny, California Institute of Technology
Menchu Gal Terrace
Welcome Cocktail
With representatives of the City Council of Bilbao